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8 Reasons to Migrate to WordPress

WordPress is trusted by millions of people and businesses all over the world. Over 65% of CMS websites use WordPress, whilst more than 40% of the entire internet is powered by this very popular open-source content management system.

Increasingly, WordPress is the CMS of choice for large corporate and enterprise businesses including our clients.

When migrating your website over to WordPress, you don’t have to undertake a complete re-design of your site. If you are happy with the design of your site but you want an easy-to-use CMS then it is possible to migrate over to WordPress without having to start from scratch. You can then incrementally improve the look and feel of your website over time using agile methodology under one of our WordPress Support Packages.

So, with this in mind, let’s look at a few reasons why you should migrate your website to WordPress.

#1Content Marketing Features

  • WordPress is the tool of choice for many marketing teams and publishers and it’s easy to see why – with built in publishing tools including preview, scheduling, revisions and more it makes publishing content a breeze for marketing teams.
  • WordPress also has built-in multiple user roles such as super admin, admin, editor, author and contributor so that many people can have ownership and contribute across your team.

#2WordPress Multisite

  • Many of our global clients utilise WordPress Multisite in order to create a network of websites that are local and relevant to the many markets and languages that they operate in around the world.
  • WordPress Multisite is a fantastic tool for global marketing teams who need to edit or upload content onto several sites of a network at once.


  • WordPress functionality can be easily extended with lots a great WordPress Plugins.
  • It can also be extended by using the REST API which has really opened up the ability to extend WordPress and use it for anything from Intranets to web-based apps!

#4Plays Nicely with Others!

  • Our client’s websites rarely stand alone and usually require some level of integration from CRM’s to directories and payment gateways.
  • WordPress works really well with other platforms such as Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot and more and there are a range of WordPress API integrations and possibilities to ensure that your website is working hard for you, and intelligently automated as much as possible.

#5The Need for Speed!

  • If your website is slow then you risk your visitors leaving your website before it even loads.
  • Built correctly and coupled with the right hosting stack, WordPress websites can be super fast.
  • We pride ourselves in building super fast websites and we ensure that all websites that all websites we build receive the highest score of AA from page speed service GT Metrix.

#6SEO Friendly

  • The rich blog heritage that WordPress is rooted in has ensured that it has highly effective SEO features, all out of the box.
  • WordPress and SEO are best friends and search engines such as Google love the simple URL structure that enables search engines to easily index WordPress sites.

#7No Licence Fees!

  • WordPress is an open source CMS so forget the licence fees that are associated with proprietary CMS solutions.
  • WordPress is free to use and also comes with free updates ensuring that you have more budget to spend productively in your business.

#8Intuitive and Easy to Use

  • Part of the reason that WordPress is so popular is that it is so easy to use.
  • There are little to no training costs associated with learning to use the CMS and chances are, as it’s so popular, that many people in your team will have used it before!

Are you ready to migrate to WordPress? If so, then here are a couple of tips to keep in mind to ensure that the process is smooth:

Make a Plan

  • Moving your website from one CMS to another needs to be carefully planned and resourced.
  • Once you’ve selected the right agency to support you with this process, it’s important to have a clear brief and vision for the migration so that the agency can support you effectively.
  • Here are a couple of starter questions to ask yourself and document to help support the migration process:
  1. What’s working well on my current website and what features do I want to keep?
  2. What’s not working well, needs to be improved and what new features do I need?

Resource Planning

  • A simple migration may take a few weeks and a more complex migration could take a few months.
  • Ensure that you have allocated the appropriate resources including time and budget to support a successful project.

Are you thinking of migrating your website to WordPress? If so, please do get in touch with us to discuss your project further and how we could help.

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